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Women to Watch: Engineered bubbles as a drug delivery tool with Eleanor Stride


In this interview, Prof. Stride describes the potential of engineered bubbles as a tool for improving cancer drug delivery. Benefits include a greater amount of drugs delivered to a tumor and reduced amounts of drugs delivered to healthy cells. As a result, treatment becomes more effective with fewer side effects experienced.


The Evolution of Cancer Therapy


This lecture presents an overview of the history of cancer therapy. Recent approaches and concepts studied in the field of biomedical engineering are presented. Specifically, present-day clinical trials that aim to harness the body’s own immune system to eliminate disease are described.

Petri dish containing pink fluid

Ultrasound‐mediated therapies for the treatment of biofilms in chronic wounds: a review of present knowledge

Published paper

This paper presents a novel method for drug delivery to address bacterial biofilms, which are increasingly resistant to traditional antibiotic therapies.