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Petri dish containing pink fluid

Ultrasound‐mediated therapies for the treatment of biofilms in chronic wounds: a review of present knowledge

Published paper

This paper presents a novel method for drug delivery to address bacterial biofilms, which are increasingly resistant to traditional antibiotic therapies.

How was the research carried out?

Acoustically activated gas microbubbles and microbubbles carrying gases have been tested to understand their impact on the dispersal of biofilms that prevent wound healing.

What does this mean?

Ultrasound-responsive microbubbles could improve wound care, especially for chronic wounds, which require antibiotic treatment.

The paper

Ultrasound-mediated therapies for the treatment of biofilms in chronic wounds


G LuTheryn, P Glynne‐Jones, JS Webb, D Carugo Microbial biotechnology 13 (3), 613-628 

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